Colocating servers and networking operations within our data centre environments provides our clients with the widest choice of connectivity, the highest level of guaranteed uptime, stringent security and optimal operating conditions.

Within our data centres, all cabinet locations are engineered with direct access to a cable distribution system which supports interconnects of any speed. All cabinets have unique locks, ensuring that only approved designated personnel have access.

Our Colocation Facilities

Built to the highest specifications according to global best practices; colocation services are ideal for businesses to safeguard their data and establish solid business continuity plans.

Benefits of Colocation Hosting

Provides 99.999% SLA guaranteed uptime

Resilient power

Intelligent cooling systems

Round the clock environment conditioning and monitoring

Reduced capital investment and lower lifetime cost

Significantly lower setup and monthly costs

On-site Remote Hands available 24/7

Highest carrier diversity

High internet bandwidth availability

Opens up new business opportunities