Colocation Rooms

PHCOLO has a total capacity of 1,500 racks, with an area of 3,000 sqm.

Cabinet Racks

PHCOLO provides standard cabinet racks that meet rigid engineering specifications. Cabinets are designed for optimal ventilation and are provided individual lock systems, vertical power strips and cable channels.

Meet-Me-Room Services

The PHCOLO Meet-Me-Room provides unparalleled opportunity for you to gain direct one-hop access to the Philippine Carriers' international gateways and national network hubs via fiber or copper. This ensures high speed carriage, links redundancy, and dependable last mile connectivity.

Multi-Telco Connectivity

The PHCOLO Carriers Hub offers customers the ability to build cost effective and redundant voice, video, data private exchange network through a wide variety of connectivity capabilities: frame relay, domestic and international links, IPVPN, E1/R2 and ISDN, among others.

Communication Tower

The PHCOLO Communication Tower is 668 feet above ground and has a 360-degree view of Metro Manila. It is a basin of wealth with a population of 10 million people- providing you the benefit of wireless last-mile. Built for large devices, it has also weathered 220kph typhoons, without damage to its passengers.

Engineering and IT Services

PHCOLO and its partners offers 24/7 on-call technical, engineering and facility support.

Redundant Energy Systems

Multiple Power Feeds

PHCOLO Power System is supplied by multiple power feeds from the local electric utility company and has an independent power rating of 4mVA, a level of redundancy that guarantees continuous operation.

2 Megawatts of Diesel Generator

supplied by 25,000 Liters of Fuel

PHCOLO Power System is supplied by multiple power feeds from the local electric utility company and has an independent power rating of 4mVA, a level of redundancy that guarantees continuous operation.

Data Center Grade Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS)

PHCOLO uses a Data Center – grade UPS battery supply system. This UPS system provides one (1) hour of power to PHCOLO equipment during a power outage. It ensures the seamless transfer of power supply from the standard electrical source to the facility’s diesel powered generator sets.

Online System Built Battery Bank for Power Fluctuation Prevention

All PHCOLO racks are provided a digitally metered AC outlet backed by a system built online Battery Bank that ensures the continuous supply of quality power. This protects customer systems against power surges or drops. *Customers must provide their own DC system should their equipment require a certain specification.

Superior Power and Data Cables Distribution Systems

PHCOLO’s custom-designed and manufactured aluminum cable tray systems which permits infinitely scalable and flexible interconnections. It easily meets customers’ systems expansion and responds fast to growing traffic demands.
It prevents interference problems between electricity and data pulses and is easily accessible for high-speed maintenance.

In-house Multiple and Redundant Fiber

and Copper Backbones

PHCOLO is owner of multiple and redundant cable backbones that traverse the entire 45-story length of The Peak Tower- from basement level to the Communication Tower. These backbones provide swift interconnection to all fiber, cable, and wireless Carriers.

Independent Wiring per Customer Equipment Rated Power

Electricity quality and supply is critical to computer systems. PHCOLO provides independent electrical wiring and power to every single customer rack based on the equipment’s rate power requirements. This assures delivery of sufficient power at maximum levels of processing and protection from electrical disruptions and fires caused by insufficient and faulty wiring conditions.

Redundant and Precise HVAC System

Constant cool-air temperature (18°C-28°C), low humidity (20%-85%), and low static control are critical to the long-term life of 24/7 computer equipment. PHCOLO has a redundant HVAC system that delivers constant and ideal air cooling, humidity and anti-dust environment. Air-cooled package chillers arc arranged in N+1 redundancy configurations and backed up by constant power.