Judith Duavit Vazquez

An acknowledged visionary and power-mover in Philippine ICT. She is an awardee of the “ICT Executive of the Year” by the Philippine Cyber Press, and owns moniker “God Mother of the Philippine Internet”.

Character, Integrity, and Moral Values

Judith was born in 1962 to a family that values nation-building. Her grandfather, the late Sen. Jose J. Roy, legislated the laws that birthed the Philippines’ banking system. Her father, Gilberto M. Duavit, is a former speaker of the house and a shareholder of GMA Networks Inc. Seeing the upheavals during the Marcos rule left a lasting impact on Judith’s values. It gave her strength and a vision. Judith believes that the sun will never set on the Filipino – and she fights for this till today.

Since 1984, she has graced the GMA Network board and key subsidiaries, and is a member of its Audit, Risk Management and Compensation & Remuneration Committees.

Educational Attainment

University of the Philippines (B.S. Business Economics)
Harvard Business School (Owner-President Program)
Asian Institute of Management (AMP)
University of Michigan Ann Arbor (AFIN)

Impact on Public Welfare and National Development

Socio-economic and Geographic Impact

Much of the growth seen by the Philippines’ Commercial Business
District can be credited to the risks Judith took in the late 80’s and 90’s.
In 1989, Judith financed the first fiber in the Philippines. This laid the foundation to the telecommunications industry and equipped the banking sector with needed capabilities. In the late 1990’s, she challenged Ayala’s outdated 7-storey height restriction. By proving that a skyscraper could be built without compromising structural and safety standards, she won the court battle and opened the doors to Makati’s high reaching skyline. Both of the above proved life changing not only for Judith but for numerous industries including telecommunications, technology and real estate.

Years of Dedicated Work and Service

Judith has been tirelessly contributing to the growth of her family’s business and various industries for almost 30 years. She began right out of college.

Participation in Government, Professional, Socio-Civic, and Non- Government Organizations

2011 - 2013
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Board Member,
August 2001 to present
Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC),
2009 -
Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), Member
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Clinton Global Initiatives Foundation (CGI)
Young Presidents' Organization-World President's Organization (YPO-WPO), Vice Chairman,
International Women's Forum
Management Association of the Philippines (MAP)
1999 to present
Harvard Alumni Association
Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Professorial Chair for Entrepreneurship, Donor
University of the Philippines School of Business Administration, Benefactor, Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

Awards and Recognition

2011 -
IT Executive of the Year, (IT Journalists Association of the Philippines)
2003 -
10 Most Powerful Women in IT (Computerworld Magazine)
2003 -
Plaque of Recognition for Invaluable Service, (Philippine National Police)
2005 -
Plaque of Recognition for Invaluable Service, (Department of the Interior and Local Government and National Police Commission)

Impact on Field of Endeavor or Professional Field

What others then regarded as way ahead of its time became the industry standard for construction and IT – the 45-storey intelligent building; the fiber optic network; the cross connection site of 22 telecommunications and Internet Service Providers in TCP/IP-based technologies.

When others said these things cannot be done, Judith went ahead and did them, extremely well.


The Future Of Philippine Internet -Philippine Star April 28, 2014

In 2011, Judith was elected to the Board of Directors of the INTERNET CORPORATION FOR ASSIGNED NAMES and NUMBERS (ICANN). ICANN is the multi-stakeholder non-profit organization responsible for coordinating the 3 unique IP identifiers that make the Global Internet possible: domain names, public IP addresses, and IP Port assignments. It administers the sensitive IANA function of the Domain Name Root Servers System. ICANN develops policy under the ‘Bottom-Up’ governance model.

Judith is the first Female Asian elected to this august board. She has opted against a second term to activate ‘From Bottom-Up’. During her 3-year term at ICANN Board, she served the Audit, Risk Management and Structural Improvements Committees.

She wonders what tomorrow brings.

In 1989, the Central Business District of Makati City was bereft of telephones.

Judith, then 27 years old, in participation with telecommunications giant Philippines Long Distance Company (PLDT) led and financed the laying of the nation’s first fiber. This project evolved into the PLDT Ethernet loop that travelled down the triangular path of Ayala Avenue, Buendia Avenue and Paseo de Roxas, delivering a plethora of telephones and communication lines to the revolution-battered Business Sector.

“The Sun Never Sets at The Peak”

Heartened by a vision that “The Sun Never Sets at The Peak”- Judith embarked to break the 7-story height restriction of Ayala Corporation with the construction of The Peak Tower. Trapped in a legal battle with the oldest business house, she cited need for a review of Ayala’s 40-year old restrictions and dreamed of the rich potential of economic expansion should new space be created.

Miraculously and against all odds, The Peak Tower opened its doors in January 17, 1994 – a 45-storey 24×7 ICT-compliant environment that hosted the first remote switching unit of PLDT, a one-hop to the international gateway, and largest neutral telecommunications tower in Makati City. Its unique infrastructure was, and is, platform to the visionary Internet Banking Data Center of Unionbank, the first commercial ISP – Mosaic Communications, and the first call center – Asia Premier One Source.

Judith then founded PHCOLO Inc. – a premier co-location and fiber cross-connection site of carriers and communication service providers in TCP/IP-based technologies. It is an AJA ISO-certified facility with a historical 14-year uptime record of 99.99999%.