PHCOLO is ISO 9001:2008 certified

In PHCOLO’s commitment to meet international quality standards, policies have been defined and implemented to ensure continued compliance to ISO9001 requirements. Periodic review of performance is regularly carried out, including regular customer survey through our QMS scorecards to determine ways on how we can further improve our services focusing on customer needs and satisfaction.
A system was also established to eliminate the cost of nonconformities to our standards through appropriate and timely correction and analysis and corrective actions to prevent recurrence. Potential problem analysis is also performed to anticipate possible risks that could affect provision of our service.

99.9999% 15-year uptime

A preventive maintenance procedure manual has been established to guide PHCOLO in achieving the primary goal, which is to prevent failure before it occurs. Electricity and back-up power, fire monitoring, detection and suppression, climate and environmental controls, and security access management equipment are made available at N+1, a system that provides back-up for the back-up equipment. This enables us to maintain our 99.999% 14-year uptime.