PHCOLO Inc. provides an unparalleled opportunity for global carriers, internet providers, and users to interconnect and global access, with ease.

We are Fiber, Wireless, Ethernet and Copper cable





Colocation and Cross Connection

PHCOLO Inc., “Philippine’s Carrier Hotel,” standing at 2,385 Sqm. / 226 total capacity rack space with its network operations center, disaster recovery rooms, and assembly area. You will have multiple places to choose from, whether it be in our Customizable Vault rooms, Cages, or Cabinets.

Our facility is secured and fully redundant. Your equipment is protected with redundant cooling systems, 7-man traps, cctv monitoring and 24 x 7 onsite personnel with security. Apart from our N+1 UPS System our facility is powered by Meralco Inc. Station 34,500.00 voltage supply, independent transformer with a total 4MVa rating, and 3 individual generator sets with a total capacity of 2,500 kva with a 20,000 liters holding tank.

PHCOLO Inc.’s unique location, purpose-built telco grade facility, and professionalism has made it the preferred partner of the industry. We are carrier neutral and with us, you can connect to all Philippine local carriers and ISPs. There is am ease of connection when it comes to PHCOLO Inc. because of the strong relationships we’ve built.

We have kept our light on and our connections strong for over 20 years 99.99999% uptime. PHCOLO Inc. outlasted hurricanes, black-outs and political unrests, furthering its reputation as a world class facility.

standing at 2,385 Sqm

226 total capacity rack space with its network operations center.

Tower Colocation

PHCOLO Inc. 667 above sea level Telecommunications tower has a 360° view of Metro Manila with a clear line of sight of the National Capital Region and parts of Central Luzon.

Our Telecommunications Tower’s built-to-suit nature, unique height and locational coverage has benefitted multiple industries ranging from radio communications, service providers, system integrators, SMEs to large corporations.

With numerous applications, we have long benefited the Philippine telecommunications industry as a wireless-ring back-up, wide area network connectivity and cost effective last-mile solution.